Waking Up On Planet V



Stephen Roberts

The great Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, once said, “Simplicity, patience, compassion: These three are your greatest treasures.” This is somewhat a departure from my previous books. My other writings have all been about spirituality, awareness, love and even poetry – of living a life of abundance and contentment in the incredible grip of a grace beyond words. This book however, is more ‘down to earth’ (for want of a better choice of words), as it deals with my transition to a vegan lifestyle and how it has made me look at all sentient life a little differently – including my own. Yet in many respects it is a continuation of many of the themes of compassion and non-violence that have been incubating inside the backwaters of my soul for several years now. Not everyone will agree with my conclusions, nor do I expect them to, yet how we treat others, even those who disagree with us, reflects some of the deeper issues on living in the light of authentic compassion.

This is an upcoming publication yet to be released.

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