To Decrease Is To Increase


The best way to change the world is to change yourself.

The best way to change yourself is to surrender.

To decrease is to increase.

To descend is to ascend.

To embrace the paradox is to embrace a life full of meaning.

To be wounded by the divine arrow is to encounter a love all embracing.

Living with less is actually living with more.

Abundance is now.

Presence is now.

Love is now.

If you possess nothing, you possess all things.

Discover the beauty and bounty of nature. Of why even a blade of grass can make you weep.

Take a rest from religion (in all its myriad forms) and embrace a deeper spirituality.

Know that you are deeply loved and give it all away.

Know the exquisite lightness of being: living completely in the present moment. (thank you miss minimalist for that line)

To let go of ego, of ambition, of self, and find joy in the simplest pleasures of life, where relationships really matter, where Christ becomes everything, is seen in others, all around us. What a wonderful thought. And this has been available all the time – we’ve just been asleep (or numbed or blinded) to this reality.

More silence.

More serenity.

More satisfaction.

More space.

More focus.

More time.

More gratitude.

More simplicity.

More peace.

More freedom.

More life.

And the Christ came to give life and that abundantly, and I have been creeping around in the shadowlands and swamps of religion, self, and ego.

Ahh – time to breathe – perhaps for the first time in 25 years…


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